Monday, November 30, 2015



December is a month that generates a high degree of excitement and we will be off to an EXTREMELY enthusiastic start! With only three weeks until the holiday recess and the official start to winter, the Preschool and Part 2 children will be very busy planning for a very special get-together. Part of the excitement of the holiday season is the gift of GIVING and spending time with FRIENDS.

On Wednesday, December 16th students will spend time together and create a variety of gifts for loved ones. Children will rotate between four classrooms and partake in four different gift making projects. Besides the pride children gain from the making and giving of a handmade gift they will also have direct practice with numerous literacy and math skills.

In the midst of our holiday bustle and math/literacy learning, it’s important for us to leave enough time for RELAXATION. On the first day of WINTER… Tuesday, December 22nd children will curl up with peers and a cup of cocoa and watch the musical production of the SNOWMAN. We will also squeeze in a few RHYTHMIC and RHYME activities. Rhythm sticks and catchy melodies will assist us as we move, dance, hum and sing our way into the start of the holiday vacation starting on December 23rd!

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