Friday, December 4, 2015


This week Preschoolers created WINTER WISH GLOBES, drew self portraits and shared special WINTER WISHES. Prior to making a WISH… children discussed the importance of considering other people when making a WISH. We also talked about the following components of building strong relationships with others.
  • Showing others’ affection
  • Considering others’ feelings, desires and needs
  • Expressing interest in others’ activities/projects
  • Respecting others’ plans and opinions
  • Providing others’ with encouragement

We also mixed up a batch of lavender play dough, created miniature and enormous snow people and learned a new snowman song!
Once there was a snowman, a snowman, a snowman,
Once there was a snowman, that stood big and tall!
He melted and he melted, and he melted and he melted
Then he was a puddle and NO snowman at all!

Preschoolers came to the realization that making miniature snowmen is very tricky! You need just a PINCH… not an INCH of dough and rolling a PINCH of dough takes a lot of concentration! They also LOVED squishing three SPHERES of dough (a snowman) to create flat DISKS as they chanted the above rhythmic tune!

Mathematicians also found great success in creating various PATTERNS. After counting out ten yellow rectangle stickers, scholars placed the stickers in a tall column. A space was left in-between each four cornered shape which created a white, yellow, white, yellow pattern. Then students filled in each white space with different shapes and created very elaborate PATTERNS!
The next day ROBERT noticed a PATTERN while eating his slice of PIZZA!

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