Thursday, November 17, 2016

November Vegetable Feast

November 2016
Greetings Preschool Families,
This week, preschoolers have focused their attention on the word THANKFUL. Working on character development with young children is an important part of our social and emotional curriculum and being appreciative is an essential character trait we want children to have. The preschoolers took time to discuss their individual families and what makes them unique after reading Todd Parr’s book titled, The Family Book! We then set to work and prepared a gift of THANKS for YOU! The heartfelt napkin ring holder project wove reading, writing and math skills together and also included an artistic component!

First, beautiful paper was created! Students sprayed “thirsty paper” with water and watched droplets as they were absorbed into the white fibers of the paper and disappeared. Students then used complimentary watercolor paint and brushed the vibrant colors onto the soggy paper. As the paint expanded over the paper the darkness of the paint faded and more paint was added. When the paper was dry, it was cut into rectangular strips and was ready to be transformed into napkin ring holders! A group of seventh grade Camel’s Hump Middle School students offered us their guidance and assisted with the compiling of our many step project! They assisted the AM session of young learners and students in the PM session worked independently! Preschoolers enjoyed folding square napkins into narrow rectangles and placed them into the hollow napkin rings. They also used their math skills and counted strips of ribbon that were used to decorate each napkin holder. A touch of nature (a pine twig) completed the handmade gift! We are truly THANKFUL for the time we spent together making gifts for family members! Each preschooler and middle school student was invested in this project and showed deep appreciation for YOU!

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CORNUCOPIA: a HORN shaped hollow vessel used to hold fruits and vegetables
This week we were introduced to a harvest symbol, a cornucopia. Students first noticed the cornucopia’s shape, color, and texture and then noticed the first syllable (a part of a word) rhymed with horn. Each time we learn a new word, we clap out the syllables as we slowly say each part! This assists with recognizing that words are made up of letters/sounds! The cornucopia served as a container for a variety of donated vegetables prior to our vegetable feast. THANK YOU for your gracious contributions!

Enjoy a festive Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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