Thursday, October 6, 2016


This Week’s Learning Discoveries
October 3-7
APPLE Investigations and SPHERES and DISCS
Dear Preschool Families,
Thank you for participating in last week’s Open House. The preschooler's were bursting with pride as they showed families their recent discoveries and work!
This week, we began a two-week study of apples. We discussed the parts of an apple (Peel, Pulp, Pips and Core), balanced crabapples on a spoon while walking, prepared applesauce, created an APPLE BOOK and continued our exploration of Spheres and Discs. Students also tasted RED, YELLOW and GREEN apples and listened to a story about an APPLE SECRET! What is hiding inside of every apple? We also learned how to spell the word APPLE!
APPLE (sung to the tune of BINGO)
There is a fruit that we do love,
And APPLE is its Name- O,
A…P…P…L…E…, A…P…P…L…E…,
A…P…P…L…E… and APPLE is its Name O!

Reading and Writing APPLE books

                                                  Balancing CRAB APPLES (SPHERES)

Circle Collage
The Importance of Color and
The Power of Shape
Over the past month, Preschoolers have been busy exploring bright and dark colors. They have used “color words” to describe and organize things in our classroom and outside world. Autumn leaves are red, orange and yellow. Apples can be red, green and yellow! Preschoolers have also studied circles and have noticed how circle shapes can look the same, but also be different.  DISCS and SPHERES have a circle shape, but are very different. Discs are flat and Spheres are round and can roll! Our Circle Collage showcases a TEAM effort and vividly displays more than 100 bright, DISCS that won’t roll away!

Please be sure to sign up for a Parent teacher conference. Sign up forms went home last week and if you need another form, please let me know! If you do NOT want to meet for a conference, please send me a note indicating that you are not requesting a meeting at this time.

There will be no AM preschool classes on Wednesday, October 12 due to late start day.

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