Thursday, March 3, 2016

welcome back march 2016

What Do You KNOW About


Change: become or make different

Strewing: leaving things of interest for children to discovery

Over the recent break, the preschool room CHANGED. Multiple learning centers were relocated, displays depicting students’ discoveries were hung and interesting objects were thoughtfully placed throughout the classroom for students to discover (STREWING).

 The notion of CHANGE can be unsettling for young children, however when we look at our past preschool curriculum, CHANGE has been embraced and a recurring theme. In the autumn, caterpillars CHANGED into butterflies and our classroom CHANGED to a golden shade chock full of seeds, pods and leaves. Over the winter months, preschoolers’ muscles CHANGED growing stronger and writing became an everyday activity. Many science experiments resulted in ice CHANGING to water and our flat block structures CHANGED to three-dimensional enclosures. With the arrival of spring, students’ independence, curiosity and perseverance have CHANGED and peeked and finicky weather CHANGES every hour and will lead discussions, interests and projects!

I look forward to guiding your child’s learning and interests as they continue to CHANGE over the next few months. Our evolving curriculum will include exploring WIND, MUD, SUGARING, EGGS, SOIL, RHYME, GROUPING NUMBERS and the CHINESE NEW YEAR.



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