Monday, February 15, 2016



Young children typically anticipate holidays with great enthusiasm and envision a day filled with surprises and sweets. This year’s Friendship Day celebration at Richmond Elementary School, A.K.A. Valentine’s Day, surpassed Preschooler’s expectations. Playing Friendship Musical Chairs (above photos) and participation in Vermont Writes Day provided an additional bonus last week as students focused on PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS they cherish.  Young writers met the
7-Minute Writing Challenge which was a perfect venue to showcase student’s literacy learning!
Over the past five months, RES Preschoolers have prepared for Friendship Day (a day renowned for sharing student made notes with peers) by participating in cooperative play activities that promote the development of fine motor muscles needed for paper and pencil tasks. Hard work and engagement with various materials and mediums have resulted in strong fingers and hands ready for WRITING!

PART 2 students joined us for the seven minute writing challenge! ALL 15 writers focused their energy on WRITING!
Friendship Day festivities also included the making of a RED and PINK INITIAL necklace. Scholars counted out beads and added them to a piece of ribbon to create symmetrical necklaces that included patterns!

To warm up strong fingers for the writing challenge, writers created MAPS OF THEIR HEARTS. Each writer wrote about People and Things they Love!
EMMET featured his MOM, Mac and cheese and climbing mountains on his MAP!

Afterwards… students fueled their bodies with sweet, Friendship Fruit Salad, created patterns with fruit, opened handmade cards from friends and received a festive snuggle gnome!
                            THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE FRUIT DONATIONS!:)

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