Monday, March 23, 2015

This Week's Learning March 16 2015

“Children are born with a powerful natural impulse to investigate their environment. Lillian Katz
This week Preschoolers welcomed spring and spent time;
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Observing
  • Recording and discussing several hypotheses about wind and maple trees!

Scholars learned they have two lungs that are used for inhaling and exhaling air. After practicing blowing air out of a straw to create WIND (moving air) they participated in a COTTON BALL game!  Each time the cotton ball stopped on the STOP sign (a red dot marked with an “S”), preschoolers earned a point. It was extremely tricky to navigate the moving ball on a piece of paper without blowing it off course!  
After listening to a story about “JACK and JILL” that went up a hill to fetch a pail of maple sap, Preschoolers collected pretend sap using syringes and filled transparent buckets. They also learned that sap is stored in the roots of the maple tree during the winter months. When spring arrives, the sap flows from the roots to the trunk and then continues up to branches where springtime buds are formed. Maple tree Paper sack trees are on display in our classrooms!

After stirring, pouring and flipping pancake batter, preschoolers enjoyed a sweet spring treat. The tricky part came when it was time to cut the pancakes…
Persistent scholars prevailed!

Next Week’s Learning
March 23-27th
New Vocabulary; Cumulus/Nimbus
Young scientists will explore various cause and effect experiments and learn the following rain and cloud facts;
  • Clouds fill up with water and when the cloud is filled with water, it becomes heavy and water falls to the ground.
  • Clouds have names just like people and their name tells us about what they look like.
  • Water from a cloud follows an UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN pattern, which is known as the water cycle.

Featured Book;
Eric Carle’s book, Little Cloud, will inspire Scholars to participate in being
I looked up in the sky and thought I saw a ____________, but it was just a cloud in the sky!

Graphing Sunny and Cloudy Weather

Cloud Experiment
Creating “nimbus clouds” that produce “RAIN”

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