Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ice Block Structures!

BALANCING WORK and PLAY in Preschool
Preschool activities typically serve two purposes. In addition to preparing students for the structure of future formal learning, they are also intended to spark a child’s imagination and curiosity and instill a love for learning.
Each week as we plan various learning activities, we keep in mind the word BALANCE! We attempt to offer a rich curriculum that is the best fit for preschoolers and incorporates both WORK and PLAY!
Last week, the morning class was inspired by a classmate’s experiment. EZRA completed an experiment at home that included both SOLID/LIQUID and BALANCE concepts!  He created an ICE CAIRN by balancing a variety of colorful ice blocks. CAIRNS are typically made by BALANCING a pile of rocks to mark a spot for walkers however, EZRA set out to see if ice blocks could be used to create a structure that would measure taller than his body. His work took several days to complete and he incorporated a variety of problem solving skills in order to
accomplish his task.
 Classmates were impressed with his results and unanimously, voted to experiment with ice blocks!        
This week, scholars will fill various shaped containers with colorful LIQUID and FREEZE the mixtures. Later they will attempt to construct colorful ice CAIRNS in front of RES to blaze the walkway to school!

Be on the lookout for some amazing structures that will include the ART of BALANCE, (WORK and PLAY at RES)!

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