Monday, November 24, 2014

New Vocabulary! November 24th

“Out of the mouths of babes” "comes truth or wisdom", is an expression one could hear echoed in the RES preschool classroom last week as scholars defined new vocabulary. Preschoolers certainly showed adult wisdom and understanding as they reflected on learning experiences which lead them to true understanding of the concepts!  
One foundational literacy goal is to introduce numerous new words throughout the preschool year followed by meaningful, hands-on activities to support future reading success! Below is the list of the new vocabulary words that were introduced to students and their definitions:
  • It means water goes into the clouds.
  • It goes up to the sky and the clouds get really, really heavy and then the raindrops come down.
  • Water goes up to sky into the clouds.
  • It goes up in the sky in the clouds.
  • Floats up to the air.
  • Water disappears.
  • Water goes up into the sky clouds get heavy and it rains.
  • When you paint at the easel and the next day when you come back it is all dry.
  • When the water goes up into the sky and when the clouds get heavy it rains.
  • When it rains it goes back up.
  • Rain comes down from the clouds, when it dries it goes home – back in the clouds.

  • Something that is an animal’s home.
  • Animals live in it. So there are animals that live in the woods that is their habitat, birds live in nests and squirrels live in trees.
  • Fish lives in it.
  • Animals live in habitats.
  • Where something lives.
  • Where pets live.
  • Animal is like a habitat it is where animals live.
  • Where a butterfly hatches.
  • Umm, a habitat is like a cocoon.  

  • Something that grows in your garden it is a big flower. Blossoms are flowers.
  • Something you plant.
  • A flower
  • Like a sunflower blossom.
  • A flower growing.
  • A sunflower that grows.
  • When flowers pop up

  • White, green, white, green
  • Yellow, orange, yellow, orange
  • It is two colors red, orange, red, orange
  • Green, yellow, green, yellow
  • Girl, boy, girl, boy
  • It’s like when you put a bead on there and another bead on there.
  • Red, green, red, green
  • Colors that change (pink red pink red).
  • Something that repeats itself over and over again.

  • A jewel
  • It’s like a glass and water is transparent.
  • Something clear
  • You can see through it.
  • A clear bag
  • Something like a bag or maybe some jewels something that is clear
  • It’s like our cups - you can see through it.

  • You do one side and you do the other.
  • The same on both sides.
  • If you make a circle and you only put dots one side it makes dots on the other side.
  • Something is dry on one side and something is wet on the other side.
  • The butterflies.

  • Something that is round like a fruit or a ball for a dog they love balls.
  • Something that rolls.
  • A circle
  • A shape
  • It’s a ball that is big.
  • Its round like an orange.
  • Round and it rolls around and around.
  • A circle that rolls away.
  • It’s something round and rolls like a ball.

  • Something that doesn’t roll
  • A flat circle
  • It's round but flat.
  • A round thing
  • Something that is flat like a circle except it is flat
  • It’s like a flat pancake
  • Something that is really flat like a Frisbee or a picture
  • Something that is round and flat

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  1. I love how our preschoolers at RES are using real scientific words and showing that they get it by putting it in their own words. Thanks for sharing your great conversations with our community!