Monday, September 15, 2014

Learning Adventures September 8-12

Preschool Scholars have had smooth transitions from home to school. Our daily routines and consistent classroom expectations:
(Respect Yourself,Others and our Environment) provides young
learners with a sense of security and trust!
When Molly was asked, “What do you like about preschool?”
She responded with a thumbs up, “Everything!”        

  • Preschoolers began STAR OF THE DAY responsibilities.  These include leading the line and announcing clean-up time by playing the rhythm sticks as we sing our clean-up song.

  • We walked to the soccer fields located behind our school and balanced and exercised our bodies by following the perimeters of the fields. Staying on top of the white line and behind a friend takes a lot of concentration and focus!

  • RES preschool baseball players ran the baseball diamond many times. They also practiced sequencing MATH words, FIRST, SECOND and THIRD!   

  • When we were finished running, NATANA shared that her heart was talking to her! The athletes checked their heart-rates and found that their hearts were beating fast and saying “Thank you,Thank you,” for exercising and growing healthy bodies.

  • EZRA collected a MAMMOTH sunflower from his Papa’s garden and brought it in to share with us!  We found that the LENGTH of the sunflower was the SAME as two preschooler bodies.  

  • Mathematicians also made predictions about whether or not Mr. Berry would be TALLER or SHORTER than the MAMMOTH sunflower.   More preschoolers thought that Mr. Berry would be TALLER but results showed that he came up a bit  shy. :)


  • Explorers used spoons, cups, and containers to POUR, MEASURE, and SCOOP sunflower seeds in the texture table.  Scholars practiced the measurements HALF and FULL.

  • Did you know that sunflower seeds hide in the CENTER of a sunflower BLOSSOM? We do! We strengthened our fingers by DISSECTING sunflower BLOSSOMS and SORTED them into groups (BIG and SMALL).

  • Writers were asked to share whether or not they have sunflower BLOSSOMS growing in their yard by writing a LINE under the words ‘YES’ or ‘NO.’  They used both their WRITING HAND and HELPING HAND (the hand that holds your work) to complete the chart.

  • We discussed the book, This is the Sunflower by Lola Shaefer. Following the story, preschoolers TRACED BLOSSOMS and added their own details which included soil, grass, a sun, and a variety of insects.     

  • “Open Shut Them, Open Shut Them, Give a Little Snip!” Preschoolers practiced fine motor skills by cutting PINE, MINT and LAVENDER plants to create SACHETS for their families.

SEPTEMBER 15th -19th

Coffee Filter Butterflies
Experimenting with coffee filters, washable markers, and spray bottles.
(aka Diffusion)  

Our Featured Open House Event
Nature Collages
Clay, Horsetail plants, Pinecones, and Beads

Green Play Clay Chrysalises
Rolling green jellybean shapes and adding holes with straws so chrysalises can hang!

Patterns repeat “Again and Again, and Again and Again”...


  • Scholars should always be wearing closed-toe shoes.

  • Please mark your children’s outerwear with their names.

  • Please remember to send us a written note when your child’s transportation plan changes

  • Tiny hemlock pinecones (one inch in length) needed for upcoming projects

  • Ask your scholar to show you the “FLIP TRICK” (a way for children to independently put on their jackets) and encourage them to practice placing
        HOME SCHOOL FOLDERS into their backpacks.

        Independent Learners are Confident Learners!

We look forward to seeing you at OPEN HOUSE this Thursday on September 18th.

A.M.Session Classroom Visit  6:00-6:30
P.M.Session Classroom Visit 6:30-7:00

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